Friends of the Greenbelt

The Friends of the Greenbelt (FOG) formed in 2021 from the Friends of the Pogonip to respond to a new threat to our open space. The central meadow of Pogonip has been proposed as the site for a private farm operated by the Homeless Garden Project (HGP). Pogonip was purchased with public funds from the state CALPAW bond for open space acquisition and preservation passed by 2/3 of California voters. This rare and sensitive coastal prairie habitat is not a suitable for an agricultural operation as noted in the current Pogonip Master Plan (1, 2). However, the Santa Cruz City Council voted on 9/28/2021 to begin an environmental review to convert the main meadow into a farm. The HGP should have a permanent location but not in designated open space. Check here for updates on upcoming events and hearings to stay informed and learn how to help protect rare and endangered habit and species in our area.

What Can I Do Today?

Contact the Santa Cruz City Council, Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation Commission, write letters to local news outlets, post on social media, and talk to your family and friends about how this impacts you, our community, & the environment.

Endangered Ohlone Tiger Beetle (Cicindela ohlone) photo credit: Jennifer Cross
Endangered Ohlone Tiger Beetle (Cicindela ohlone) in Wilder Ranch State Park

Wildlife, coastal, and park land conservation is in the public interest and is necessary to keep these lands in open-space, natural, and recreational uses, to provide clean air and water, to protect significant environmental and scenic values of wildlife and plant habitat, riparian and wetland areas, and other open-space lands, and to provide opportunities for the people of California to enjoy, appreciate, and visit natural environments and recreational areas.

California Wildlife, Coastal, and Park Land Conservation Fund of 1988

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